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Jane Deaton Russell
Jane Deaton Russell

Our Genealogy

My wife (the Marsh and Holcomb side) and I (the Kosinski and Russell side) have been working on our genealogy for the past several years researching and documenting our families.  Our original intent was to find my wife’s great grandfather on her mother’s side for her grandmother.  Our work continued after we found that information and has continued to grow into what it is today.  Our approach to research and how this site is structured is more of a “Clustered Genealogical” approach.  In other words, you will not find just direct blood lines related to my wife or I, but entire families and in some cases with the extended families listed as well.  This site provides access to our work, the documentation we have acquired and genealogical charts and forms for you to view.  We do not display information about living people unless you have an account on this system and are logged in.  We respect everyone’s right to privacy and take that very seriously. I update the tree on the Family Search site with verified and well documented information I have obtained..  Family Search is operated by The Church of Later Day Saints (A.K.A. The Mormons or LDS).  Once genealogy data is uploaded to them, they safeguard it and it will remain indefinitely. Neither my wife nor I are professional genealogists, we do this because we have an interest and enjoy it.  We do read books and publications on line as well as membership to Family Search.  We do our best to follow the standard guidelines for documentation of the National Genealogical Society as well as LDS.


Families Contained In Our Genealogy Work


My lineage on my father’s side of the family is Polish.  I have traced my father’s family back to my great 2X grandfather and great 2X grandmother who were the first generation of the family in this country.  I also have found that my great grand father had siblings.  A pair of twins, one female named Bernice and one male named Stanley.  There is a wealth of information available about them.  We are currently working to document this branch of the family and hopefully unravel more of the mystery.  As far as research outside of the United States, Polish birth records were kept by the church in the town or region and without knowing the name of the town it is impossible to obtain that information.   Hopefully, someone that does have that information may stumble across this site and send that information and as much as they know to me. 


My wife’s grandmother was a Marsh.   As she grew up the Marsh family was present and appeared often at family gatherings.  Our initial work was on the Marsh family.  We traced Noble Marsh to find his parents to provide that information to my wife’s grandmother Mae “Nana” Holcomb.  Nana was a very dear lady that was very loved by her family.  I myself loved to be with her and talk. She had a great sense of humor, was very humble and opinionated.  Her honesty, although sometimes could hurt, was legendary.  We lost her recently and miss her terribly.


As a young girl growing up in Westfield, Massachusetts I was blessed to have a close extended family with several strong influences.  My great grandmother being one of them. Mrs. Lucia Frances (Gleason) Holcomb.  Our family picked her up every Sunday for church and brought her home following the service and coffee hour. There were many Sundays our family had the honor of being Greeters to welcome members of the congregation to the Sunday service. Mrs. Holcomb was always well dressed, stood with perfect posture and walked with a sense of great pride.  Upon reaching the age of 12 I became initiated into the International Order of Rainbow for Girls.  My great grandmother was a member of the Eastern Stars for many years and always desired to see her great granddaughters follow her affiliation.  She was a member of several other organizations including DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and the Historical Society of Westfield.  During the town’s bicentennial celebration parade my sisters and I proudly wore authentic dresses from the early 1800’s which were provided by my great grandmother. In 2010 I was privileged to borrow several scrap books that contained newspaper articles, invitations, letters and other correspondence that belonged to my great grandmother Lucia.  As my husband and I looked through these scrapbooks my great grandmother’s character and pride became very clear.  We have taken advantage of today’s technology and have made electronic copies of her collection.  Although she passed away many years ago we thank her for her contribution and additions of fact to our genealogy.

Lawrence Holcomb, my great grandfather, can not be overlooked for his contributions to Westfield Massachusetts.  His remarkable dedication to the land and his work in the creation of “Grandmother’s Garden” in Westfield will forever remain a part of his legacy.  His involvement and his work as the Superintendent of the Parks and Recreation Department of Westfield influenced his son, Lawrence Collister “Hokie” Holcomb who also was elected as the Commissioner of the Parks and Recreation Department of Ward 3 in Westfield.  Hokie was also known for his employment as the Foreman of the Paint Department of Westfield.  Many Holcombs throughout the years seemed to work in jobs that kept them connected with the land and the outdoors.
Grandmother's Garden Westfield, MA
Grandmother's Garden
Reflecting Telescope Amasa Holcomb
Reflecting Telescope

An interesting Holcomb in my family (second cousin six times removed), Amasa Holcomb of Southwick Massachusetts was the first manufacturer of telescopes in the United States. He was truly an amazing man and two of his telescopes were donated to the Museum of History and Technology, U.S. National Museum, The Smithsonian Institute in 1933 by Mrs Grace Holcomb Steeree. We would like to welcome those interested in this genealogy to take a trip back in time and take a walk with Lucia Frances (Gleason) Holcomb. Through her own mementos she gives us glimpses into her life, her interests, her hobbies, her family and the contributions she made to the communities of Westfield and Southwick, Massachusetts.


My grandmother, Alberta “Nana” Russell of Jackson, Breathitt, Kentucky was the motivation to research the genealogy of the Russell family.  She was,  along with my Step-Grandfather Herbert Walk and my Step-Uncle Wilmer Walk (I  used the word “Step” to be technically correct, but they were the only Grandfather and Uncle I knew and very much deserve mention) my safe haven and who I could talk to as a child and teenager.  Her honest view of life and her humor got me through many tough times growing up and my memories of her are very precious.  Without them in my life I would not have been the person I am today.  In a very large way my Great Uncle Alfred Overton Russell also contributed greatly to my interest in genealogy. He spent many years manually researching the Russell family. His work was a huge contributing factor and accelerated our progress on the Russell Family.