Frank Pierce Marsh Research Notes

Frank Pierce Marsh Research Notes

b. 25 Dec 1850 Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire {1880 U.S. Census1, 1900 U.S. Census2, 1910 U.S. Census3&7 and Death Certificate4}
m. Susan Zilla Atwood 24 Feb 1872 Bethany, New Haven, Connecticut {Bethany Sketches and Records, W.C. Sharpe5}
d. 23 Mar 1918 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut {death certificate4, obituaries6}
Frank first appears with the marriage to Susan Zilla Atwood in Connecticut. The 1880 U.S. Census1 shows Frank and Susan living with her parents (Noble and Alma Atwood) in Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut.


Harry Frank Marsh b. 26 Oct 1877 Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut m. Sarah H. Paradise 1899 d. 11 Dec 1936 Connecticut
Susan Marsh b. 7 Sep 1879 Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut
Daniel Marsh b. 26 May 1880 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut m. Lillian Andrews
Noble Atwood Marsh b. 7 Dec 1882 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire m. Eva Shippee d. 1959 Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts
David Andrews Marsh b. 1887 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire d. 22 Sep 1889 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Frances Marsh b. 1 Feb 1892 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire d. 4 Oct 1892 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Edith Mae Marsh b. 29 May 1895 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire m. McCarthy d. 5 Jul 1984 Portland, Cumberland, Maine

Census Chronology

18801 Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut Frank married to Susan living with Susan’s parents
19002 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut Frank with Susan, Daniel, Noble and Mae
19103 Colebrook, Litchfield, Connecticut Frank living with Laurence family as a Farm Worker/Servant
19107 West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut Susan and Edith Mae living with Susan’s son Daniel Marsh. Susan is listed as Widowed.

Research Notes

Between Jun 1880 (1880 U.S. Census 1) and Dec 1882 (Noble A Marsh Birth Record8) Frank and Susan moved from Connecticut to New Hampshire.
In 1918 Frank dies in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut with his last documented residence with his son Harry Frank Marsh of 70 Hazel St. Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut {Death Certificate Frank Pierce Marsh}4
We also found that Frank Pierce Marsh has 25 Dec 1850 listed as his date of birth on his death certificate with Londonderry, New Hampshire as his place of birth.

All of the Census records we have found for Frank Pierce Marsh list Massachusetts as his place of birth. The New Hampshire birth records for Noble8, Frances9 and Edith Mae11 say Worcester,
Massachusetts as Frank Pierce Marsh’s place of birth. Frances’s New Hampshire Death and Disinterment Record10 also lists Worcester, Massachusetts
as his place of birth.

Another oddity we have found in the records for Frank and Susan is the 1910 United States Federal Census. Frank is documented as living in Colebrook, Litchfield, Connecticut3, married while Susan is listed as Widowed, has Edith Mae with her and is living with her son Daniel7.

Potential Clues

  1. Frank’s son Noble frequently shared stories about an adoption within the family, but never referred to who he thought was adopted.
  2. Conflicting and missing information about Frank is around the same time period of the Orphan Trains. Could Frank have been placed on an Orphan Train when he was very young?
  3. We have found references in the New Hampshire birth records of Frank’s children mentioning an Ethnicity: Canadian. (could Andrew Marsh or Frank’s mother have been Canadian?)
  4. Family lore about visiting a female relative in a mental hospital in Connecticut (could this be Frank’s daughter Susan?)