Research Notes For Frank Pierce Marsh

Subject:                                               Frank Pierce Marsh (Dec 1850 – 23 Mar 1918)


Frank was born in Dec 1850 in New Hampshire or Massachusetts.  24 Feb 1872 he married Susan Zellah Atwood and had 8 children with her.  From their marriage date until 1880 they lived in Connecticut.  From 1880 to 1895 they lived in New Hampshire.  In 1900 they had returned to Connecticut.


This report will help us review and extract the information from the many source documents that we currently possess.  It will be a single place where all information we know will be available for review and analysis.


There is no record of Frank Pierce Marsh prior to his marriage with Susan Zellah Atwood in 1872.  From his birth ( we are assuming based upon census and other source data ) in 1850 until 1872 there is no record of his existence.  One of our theories involves the Orphan Trains.  If he was in fact born in Massachusetts and was orphaned he very easily could have been placed on the train and potentially ended up in Canada.  That may explain why his daughters Frances and Edith Mae have ethnicity: Canadian on the New Hampshire Birth Index lists.  In the period between 1910 and 1918 (at Frank’s death) Frank and Susan were not living together.  Susan lived with her son Daniel in West Hartford in 1910 and Frank in Colebrook on a farm as a laborer.  From 1900 through 1918 he lived at several different addresses from Colebrook to Hartford and was employed as a carpenter, a teamster, a wood chopper.  Eventually, his listed address was that of Harry Frank Marsh his eldest son.  Harry was also the informant on his death certificate.  Susan lived another 14 years after Frank died.

Research Notes

1880 United States Federal Census (Census Image)
Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut
22 Jun 1880

Starting line number 33, dwelling number 399, family number 400





Birth Year


Married Status


Birth Place



AtwoodAlmaFemale50Abt 1830SelfWidowedFarmerConnecticutConnecticutConnecticut
MarshSusanFemale27Abt 1853DaughterMarriedKeeping HouseConnecticutConnecticutConnecticut
MarshFrankMale29Abt 1851Son-In-LawMarriedFarmerMassachusettsMassachusettsMassachusetts
AtwoodHarryMale2Abt 1878GrandsonSingle ConnecticutConnecticutConnecticut
AtwoodNellieFemale17Abt 1863DaughterSingle ConnecticutConnecticutConnecticut
AtwoodDoraFemale14Abt 1866DaughterSingle ConnecticutConnecticutConnecticut
MarshSusanFemale10/12Abt 1879GranddaughterSingle ConnecticutConnecticutConnecticut

Notes and Analysis:

Alma Atwood listed as a widow is consistent with information we have on Noble Atwood.  He died in 1873.  For Frank we have his birth place listed as Massachusetts as well as both of his parents birthplaces.  Harry Atwood was actually Harry Frank Marsh and the father’s birthplace was incorrectly listed.  Frank is listed as a Farmer for his occupation.


1900 United States Federal Census (Census Image)

Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

04 Jun 1900

Starting line number 39, 97 Block C Madison Ave, dwelling number 58, family number 80

SurnameGivenGenderAgeBirth YearRelationMarried StatusOccupationBirth PlaceFatherMother
MarshSusanFemale46Jul 1853WifeMarriedKeeping HouseConnecticutConnecticutConnecticut
MarshFrankMale49Dec 1850HeadMarriedCarpenterMassachusettsMassachusettsMassachusetts
MarshDanielMale20May 1880SonSingleBrazierConnecticutMassachusettsConnecticut
MarshNobleMale17Dec 1882SonSingleBrazierConnecticutMassachusettsConnecticut
MarshMayFemale5May 1895DaughterSingleAt SchoolNew HampshireMassachusettsConnecticut

Notes and Analysis:

Susan was listed first then Frank as the Head of the household.  Frank’s birthplace listed as Massachusetts as well as both parents.  Consistent with the information we have May’s birthplace was listed as New Hampshire.  Frank is listed as a Carpenter as his occupation.

1910 United States Federal Census (Census Image)

Colebrook, Litchfield, Connecticut

Apr 1910

Starting line number 31, Colebrook District 0253, dwelling number 35, family number 35

SurnameGivenGenderAgeBirth YearRelationMarried StatusOccupationBirth PlaceFatherMother
LaurenceWPMale761834HeadMarriedIce MerchantConnecticut  
LaurenceEvelen SarahFemale721838WifeMarried Connecticut  
LaurenceChas DMale481862SonMarriedIce Wagon DriverConnecticutConnecticutConnecticut
ButlerClaraFemale151895Adopted DaughterSingle ConnecticutConnecticutConnecticut
BownesGeorge AnnaFemale251885ServantSingleHouse KeepingNew JerseyNew JerseyNew Jersey
FowlerThadiusMale491861BoarderSingleSaw Mill LaborConnecticutConnecticutNew York
MarshFrankMale591851ServantMarriedFarm LaborMassachusettsMassachusettsMassachusetts

Notes and Analysis:

Frank living in Colebrook as a Farm Laborer with the Laurence family.  Frank’s birthplace is Massachusetts as well as both his parents.  Susan was living in West Hartford with their son Daniel and his wife.  Susan is listed as Widowed in the West Hartford 1910 Census.


1910 United States Federal Census (Census Image)

West Hartford Hartford District 0243 Connecticut

5 May 1910


Starting line number 81, New Britian Ave, West Hartford, dwelling 408, family 577

Surname Given Name Relationship Gender Race Age Estimated Birth Year Marital Status Birthplace Father’s Birthplace Mother’s Birthplace
MarshDanielHead White291881MarriedConnecticutConnecticutConnecticut

Notes and Analysis:

Susan living with Daniel and Lillian along with May, Daniel’s sister and his mother in law Stella.  She is listed as Widowed

Marriage Record

Feb. 24  1872, Frank Pierce Marsh, Woodbury,and Susan Zilla Atwood, Woodbury   (Sharpe, 1908)


Rosa Marsh born: ~ 1873 Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut
died: 4 Mar 1874 Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut
Harry Frank Marsh born: 26 Oct 1877 Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut
died: 11 Dec 1936 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
married: 24 May 1899 West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
Sarah H Paradise
Susan Marsh born: 7 Sep 1879 Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut
Daniel Marsh born: 26 May 1880 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
died: May 1957 Union Township, Union, New Jersey
married: 17 Mar 1906 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
Lillian Andrews
married: (#2) 12 Nov 1924 Newark, New Jersey
Emma L. Haid
Noble Atwood Marsh born: 7 Dec 1882 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire
died: 22 Apr 1959 Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts
married: 4 Apr 1906 West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
Eva Shippee
David Andrews Marsh born: 1887 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire
died: 22 Sep 1889 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Frances Marsh * born: 1 Feb 1892 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire
died: 4 Oct 1892 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Edith Mae Marsh * born: 29 May 1895 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire
died: 5 Jul 1984 Portland, Cumberland, Maine
married: 30 Sep 1920 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
Francis Edward McCarthy
divorced: ?
* New Hampshire Birth Index lists Ethnicity: Canadian